Looking for Exemplary Transmission Repair Services?

You can rely on our experienced professionals to sort out your transmission problems. Whether you have a manual or automatic transmission, we can help you out. Our professionals are friendly and courteous and will not suggest any unnecessary repairs. Our transmission services are available in the Washington County. Call us today at 503-885-8852 to schedule your appointment with us.
Marsh did my 2003 Volvo XC-90 transmission and transfer case a while back. Fort Knox City. When I noticed some red fluid on the garage floor, I took it back for a checkup. Marsh started by pulling the pan that looked like the leak source, for a new gasket. But low and behold, on opening up the tranny, there were gray deposits everywhere as if the last quickie oil change guys put some of my Castrol GTX in my new tranny. Marsh flushed the tranny, new filter, new fluid, and saved me a sample of the fluid for chemical analysis. He did all of this for no charge! Zippo. Nada. Will I ever go anywhere else? No!

- Tom. W., Yelp

Took car in for possible transmission issues and, yes, it was bad news. Since my mechanic referred me, I did not get charged for diagnostics. Wow, that doesn't happen anymore! Paul and John were amazing in the brief and sad, yet needed, diagnosis. Thank you, boys!

- Kim. P., Yelp

John and Paul know customer service, and they live to ensure all of their customers are happy. Had to have my Acura's transmission replaced after 180,000 miles. OK, so maybe I should just get a new car, but the engine is still going strong. The price to repair was reasonable, and my friend who owns D&M Auto Repair in Beaverton highly recommended Marsh. After the initial rebuild of the transmission, I had a few issues that Paul and John resolved. I am currently at 231,000 miles and going strong. Do yourself a favor and bring the car to Marsh to have the transmission worked on! You will not regret it.

- Greg. S., Yelp

John and Paul are the best and experts in what they do. They did a fantastic job fixing my Lexus. Transmission work is too expensive to hope you chose a good shop. Paul and John showed me exactly what was damaged, the parts they were using, and what parts they were upgrading to make it better than the original. Would recommend them without hesitation.

- Michael, Yelp

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